Chas Jones, PhD

Paddling Checklist: Multiday trips

My guests find this checklist to be helpful for multi-day river trips in the Oregon spring season.

Items to bring for ALL FLOAT TRIPS

___ Personal Flotation Device (Life jacket) (or ask Chas to borrow one)
___ Footwear (Neoprene booties) [closed-toe shoes offer foot protection, but not much warmth]
___ Bottoms (pants, quick dry [probably too cold for shorts on river])
___ Shirt (short sleeve, quick dry)
___ Shirt (Long sleeve, lightweight, quick dry)
___ Long underwear
___ Hat (sun/rain)
___ Sunglasses with straps
___ Dry bag for all gear
___ Change of clothes and footwear for camp
___ Light windbreaker (cold or rainy weather)
___ Wool hat, sweater, socks, gloves – for camp
___ Carabiner and short strap (1-3 ft, for strap daybag into boat)
___ Water bottle (metal or plastic)
___ Helmet
___ Adventure sauce (get ready for fun!)

Day pack (personal size dry bag)

___ Sunblock
___ Moisturizing lotion
___ Leatherman/pocket knife
___ Snacks, food, hard candy, etc.
___ Money for food, licenses, bribes, etc.
___ Invasive species permit (1 per boat)
___ Fishing gear/license
___ Medications
___ Hand sanitizer
___ Headlamp/flashlight
___ Book
___ Camera
___ Car keys (plus spare key)

Clothing (as appropriate for “potential” weather)

Layering is key for comfort. Loose, quick drying, durable clothes are best for canoeing/rafting. Do not bring cotton except for use in camp.

What to wear on the river

___ Hat (sun/rain)
___ Underwear, quick dry
___ Bottoms (shorts / pants, quick dry)
___ Footwear (Neoprene booties, tennis shoes (closed-toe shoes offer more foot protection). Flip-flops are NOT appropriate
___ Socks, wool/neoprene (cold weather only)
___ Shirts, short & long sleeve, quick dry (for sun protection/warmth)
___ Long underwear
___ Warm top (wool or fleece jacket/sweater)
___ Splash jacket / bottoms (semi-waterproof & neoprene seals) OR rain jacket / pants may work
___ Helmet
___ Paddle gloves (bike gloves may work)

Optional paddle wear

___ Wet suit
___ Dry top / bottoms (waterproof with rubber gaskets)


Personal Gear

___ Camp chair
___ Tent
___ Tarps/ground cloths

Drybag (not accessible, when on river)

___ Sleeping bag in stuff sack
___ Sleeping pad/mat
___ Hat/gloves
___ Jacket
___ Long pants
___ Long shirt
___ Socks (wool)
___ Sweater/sweatshirt
___ Camp shoes
___ Camp towel (optional)
___ Toothbrush/toothpaste
___ Eating utensil, plate/bowl, drinking cup
___ Headlamp/flashlight
___ Ear plugs (in case you have to sleep near James Battin)