Chas Jones, PhD


Let’s build unity through community: working towards a more prosperous Philomath.

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My Vision

As a community-minded scientist and as your mayor, I have a vision and have been working hard for the city to encourage a vibrant Philomath with a bustling local economy and welcoming downtown gathering places for everyone. Future developments and growth should make Philomath stronger and more prosperous, without sacrificing long-term liabilities for short-term growth.

Benton County Historical Society and Museum, Philomath, Oregon
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My Priorities

  • Affordable housing & building community: Promoting a strong sense of community and a high quality of life for all. 
  • Economic development & local businesses: Using strategic innovations to strengthen Philomath’s local economy
  • Celebrating our history, culture, & diversity: Promoting Philomath as a rural, vibrant timber town that celebrates diversity and is safe for everyone.
  • Public health & environment: Balancing growth with a focus on public health, open space, and a healthy environment.
  • Fiscal responsibility: Moving important civic projects forward, while balancing the City’s needs and financial obligations with an adaptive city government 
  • Prosperity & security: Ensuring Philomath residents feel welcome, safe, valued, and dignified, while connecting underserved populations to essential services.
  • Inclusive governance: Maximizing government transparency and accessibility to elected officials


  • Dan Rayfield, Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives
  • Xan Augerot, Benton County Commissioner
  • Pat Malone, Benton County Commissioner
  • Nancy Wyse, Benton County Commissioner
  • David Low, Philomath City Councilor
  • Ruth Causey, Philomath City Councilor
  • Theresa Nielson, Philomath City Councilor
  • Matt Lehman, Philomath City Councilor

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