Chas Jones, PhD


I am interested in hydrologic change and how it affects social-ecological systems.  Changes in hydrology can be caused by the operation of dams, diversions, water withdrawal projects, climate, or other phenomenon. These types of changes have consequential impacts on ecosystems, communities, or societies.  Water is one of the most important resources on the earth.  In some places, it is very abundant, but in other locations, it can be very scarce.  The world has long been conflicted regarding the value of water.  When widely available (such as during a flood event or heavy rain storms), it is cursed and can cause billions of dollars of damage in a single event.  Yet, wars have been fought over water resources in arid environments or during periods of water scarcity.

It is these two extremes that I find most interesting.  I am fascinated by hydrologic impacts associated with changes in climate and the related effects on flooding and flood risks for communities, regions, or nations. Additionally, water security is becoming increasingly important for nations with arid regions projected to become drier. Water resource management and water policy  may need to be altered under threats of a changing climate particularly in water scarce environments or areas projected to have increased water scarcity. River and habitat conservation and restoration are also of considerable interest. Environmental degradation is a global problem that has the potential to adversely impact the health of large populations (particularly the poorest and most vulnerable) and I believe that we have a social responsibility to strive towards leaving the world in a better condition for our children and their descendants.

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